Frequently Asked Questions

        Planning a wedding in Sedona and don’t know where to start? Karen Lynn can help answer many of your questions about where and when to get married in Sedona.

        Are there permits required to get married in specific locations in Sedona?

        Most outdoor locations in Sedona on Forrest Service land do not require a permit. There are other variables to consider however such as logistics in parking and transportation. When selecting a location for your Sedona wedding or elopement the number of guests will play a large part in what locations I recommend for your ceremony. Some locations like Red Rock State Park and Slide Rock State Park do require a permit or reservation.

        Do you help obtaining marriage licenses?

        Marriage licenses can be easily picked up at courthouses in Arizona. Most require that both applicants are in attendance when picking a license. Karen Lynn assists with filling out the marriage license and submitting the license after the ceremony.

        Do you offer planning services for my wedding or elopement?

        While I no longer work as a wedding planner in the full capacity of the term, I do offer assistance with finding the perfect location for your ceremony as well as an option to add-on floral and musicians etc. and help you with referrals and recommendations.